Real Estate in Southern California:
Marketing Update for Fall, 2014

Finally… QR Codes Work For Real Estate


New, Patented Technology combines Smartphones, QR codes, and Proprietary Software with Ability to Mobilize Existing Websites

This 3.6 minute video may help you discover how to get more warm leads and close more sales.

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Empty Flyer Boxes Are Still A Problem.

For sellers (and buyers), the flyer issue is old – mostly bad – news.

The good news… New technology sweeps away old problems.

In the last year, we have developed an exclusive, patented, quick and convenient way for buyers to get the information they want, and now you have a way to deliver it.

Smart Phones Have Changed the Speed of Business.

Great ideas – like QR codes – that couldn’t work a year ago are now expected by your customers.

Shoppers use their smart phones more than their PCs to gather information, including research before buying a house.

Your Buyers Gather Information At The Curb.

‘Quick Response’ Technology and ‘QR Codes – have been available for decades, but the tools to use them were not.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are designed to do a thousand things, and they have the ability to read QR codes.

Smartphone use has skyrocketed and sparked more use of QR codes.

Flyers are now less important. With our technology, your potential buyer can scan your QR rider to get information about your property while they stand in front of it.

Your Buyers Are Tech-Savvy, and They Are Looking For You.

QR codes, smartly applied, can help you make that first contact – the first step toward closing a sale.

Before you even know they are looking, you have automatically sent them a response and you have their contact information.

Before they review the information on your property, they have a greeting from you inviting them to call for a showing.

How Our Technology Works

Your ‘For Sale’ sign will have a QR code printed on it, or have a QR rider attached below. This will tie in to your existing website’s MLS description page of the property.

When your prospect scans the QR code, the request is ‘mobilized’ by our company using our exclusive, patented, proprietary software. The viewer will see your MLS listing on their device in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly page.

An Elegant Solution For You and Your Buyers

Your buyers can be up to 30 feet from the sign and capture the QR code. They can literally drive by the property and instantly access all the MLS listing data.

No need for your buyers to get out of the car for a flyer, or even to write down a phone number – your website is already there on their smartphone or tablet.

Buyers, Agents, Brokers – Everyone Benefits

  • No Flyers / Fewer Flyers – Save Money, Save Time.
  • Eco-Friendly – Re-use the QR Riders after the sale.
  • Tech-Savvy – Demonstrate Your Marketing Edge.
  • Trackable Contacts – Measure Your Success.
  • Instant Access for Buyers.
  • Instant Response from Agents.

New Agent or Seasoned Veteran

You always need an edge. Competition even for the most seasoned Realtor is fierce. To separate yourself from the others, you need to demonstrate a commitment to go above and beyond to sell a property.

What do we do to help you market with QR and mobilized sites?

Combining QR codes, smart phones, and mobilized sites is awesome. And it needs to be planned and supported to work well.

How We Price Our Services

Our prices are per listing, per month. QR codes / riders are re-purpose-able – when the yellow house sells, we re-target that QR code for use on a new listing. Service credits not used during the billing cycle are applied back to you. Discounts are available for quantity.

  • Green Technology – Leading Edge – Simple System

    Re-Purposable QR Code – QR Goes To Next Listing – No More Wasted Flyers – Patented Technology – We Provide Back-office Tech Support

You’ll find you spend less money on flyers, and sell properties faster with this easy-to-use system.

Call us to find out what we can do for you. Once we learn about your goals and your current situation, we can create a system to help you get where you want to go.

Questions? Call us, or send us a message. We’d love to help you create the solution you need!

Mobile Web Solutions

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